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Breyer Horse Sizes and Scales

What sizes do Breyer® models come in?

Traditional Series 1/9th Scale Approximately 30cm L x 23cm H

The Largest and most popular Breyer model size available. Traditional Series models are for play, collecting, showing and more. They are packaged in window boxes.

Classics Series 1/12th Scale Approximately 23cm L x 16cm H

Classics are designed to appeal to junior collectors with a variety of breeds, complemented by accessories, and action figures.

Stablemates Series 1/32nd Scale Approximately 10cm L x 8cm H

Stablemates are just as detailed and authentic as all Breyer Models. Stablemates horses, rider sets, horse and foal sets, play sets and accessories provide hours of play for the young horse enthusiast.

Mini Whinnies Series 1/64th Scale Approximately 4cm L x 4cm H

You're in for a surprise each time you open one of these Mini Whinnies Surprise packs! There are 18 different horses to collect, including the special golden "Treasure" horse! This item ships blind, meaning you cannot choose which surprise model you'll get!



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